Welcome to the Hall of Heroes!

Hall of Heroes Welcome to the Hall of Heroes - Brought to you by Only Yesterday

The Hall of Heroes is our way of paying special tribute to the men and women of our armed services who have served their Country in time of need. All of the conflicts our great Nation has been involved with are important, but perhaps none were more so than WWII when our Country and its citizen soldiers mobilized to fight against two of the most evil forces in the history of the World.

With WWII in mind, we have created a very special tribute to "The Greatest Generation" to thank them for their service and sacrifice during the war years. These amazing heroes are leaving us all too quickly and we have made a sincere effort to show them our appreciation before their deeds become merely a history lesson.

Our museum is private and while not open to the public, is open to various Veterans groups and members of the active duty military community.

Items on display include historical documents, vintage military vehicles, period WWII posters and wonderful murals depicting Americas involvement in WWII.

To arrange a viewing for your group, please contact us for an appointment.